Art of Context completed a new MUFIDS implementation and roll out at Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG). The old system was a home grown design on legacy technology. CVG’s main impetuous in hiring a new vendor was to improve the stability of their MUFIDS and reduce support calls.

Legacy Flight Information Displays arrivals and departures

Next Generation MUFIDS

Art of Context worked closely with CVG stakeholders to:

  • Redesign of FIDS, BIDS, GIDS
  • Procure, image and install 200+ NUCs on existing screens.
  • Implement Airport Display Platform, Art of Context’s nimble, efficient, cloud-based software for managing flight information and sign content.

AOC ensured a seamless transition to the new-to-CVG technology, preloading all exiting media content and playlists.

New System Design

Art of Context designed a high flight volume plan and low volume plan that displays “sense-of-place” imagery as flight volume diminishes. Flight status changes and cancellations stand out in the new design, making it easier for passengers to spot itinerary changes. Gate and bag claim designations are given a high contrast visual treatment. Colors are on-brand to create a seamless experience with adjacent advertising.

A mock up of six vertical screens There are advertisements on the screens at both ends. Two screens of arrivals are on the left in shades of green and two screens of departures are on the right in shades of blue.

FIDS Low volume, when the volume of flights tapers background images of geographical icons of Cincinnati peak through

Results and Future Innovation

CVG and their passengers are thrilled with their easy to use and beautiful new FIDS, BIDS, GIDS system. Art of Context are currently creating a specialized tablet-based interface for CVG to allow specific personnel to change signage over checkpoint lanes on the fly, in a simple and secure fashion.


Collage of four photos showing CVG Baggage information displays (BIDS)